Bad Biden!

To be a fair critic, I will be compiling a list of disagreements I have with the Biden Administration and the DOJ under Merrick Garland.

I didn’t date the first few entries when I made them. I’ll update all future posts with dates.

Did not sanction MSB over killing journalist Jamal Kassogi

Firing 5 staffers for past marijuana use

Biden said he would raise immigration/refugee cap, but then changed and decided to keep cap as is.

Biden banned travel from India as it became a covid hot spot, per CDC guidance. But he left travel open for us citizens and other excerpted individuals. I mean, if you’re gonna do a ban, do a ban. Not quite sure how I feel about this action.


Biden still hasn’t fixed the kids in cages at the border. This is unacceptable this far into his administration


Biden approves $735 million weapon sales to Israel. During their war with the Palestinians. If he wants a 1 state solution, just fucking say it. Or if he wants a 2 state solution, act like it. Israeli government is going to keep infringing on the Gaza Strip until it is impossible for the Palestinians to form a country, which is the fucking point of their military campaign.


I wish Merick Garland had released the full copy of the Barr memo. I understand wanting to protect deliberations, but come on. There’s lots we don’t know.


Democrats didn’t get a crime bill passed by a year after George Floyd’s murder, but everyone’s okay with that


Not okay with DOJ trying to dismiss a lawsuit against Barr and Trump for gassing protestors at Lafayette square


Kamala Harris said the Us was discouraging Guatemalan people from illegally immigrating to US, but seeking sanctuary in the Us as they are doing is within the law so wtf is she actually saying?

“DOJ is keeping up an effort to try to take over Donald Trump’s defense against a defamation case filed by writer E. Jean Carroll — an effort Biden criticized as a candidate last fall. “

The DOJ should not be trying to take over this case. Are they going to try and protect every former president from his actions before taking office?

Two big Qs in Carroll’s case: 1) Is a president covered by the same protections against being sued that apply to fed employees? 2) Was Trump acting w/in scope of his job when he denied a rape allegation?

DOJ — under Trump and Biden — says yes to both


Justice department sent a warning to the “auditors” (Cyber Ninja) about their plan to knock on doors and “verify” voter details for the Maricopa Country Arizona election. DOJ said this would constitute voter intimidation, but Cyber Ninjas proceeded to knock on doors anyway and have claimed about half the addresses showed signs of voter fraud or some

bs. The DOJ has not acted to protect voters, as they said they would.

July 12, 2021

Biden’s decision to quickly pull out of Afghanistan (seemingly to get us out before the 20 year mark) is hard to watch unfold. I myself want the US out of the Middle East, but it’s hard to watch afghanis be murdered by the taliban. This is the consequence of leaving. It doesn’t seem like staying there forever would have changed this outcome

August 9th, 2021

I’m not sure why the CDC believes it has the power to delay rent payments, but I don’t think it has that authority. Unfortunately, executive branch power is unlimited until checked by another branch of government. I don’t agree with this decision, though initially I did. If you don’t want to go back to work because of COVID, get the vaccine. If you’re an edge case person who can’t get the vaccine, I’m not sure what’s the best solution. I’d rather Congress pass a bill to cover rent payments rather than fuck over landlords.

August 19th, 2021

Really hard to watch Afghanistan fall apart back into chaos. There’s a lot of armchair pundits out there claiming Afghanistan could have been saved, if only we pulled out more slowly. By my understanding, Trump made a deal with the Taliban that would keep them from attacking US personnel until late 2020, and the US would completely pull out by May 2021. It later came out that Trump wanted to pull all troops out early January after he lost the election, but was warned the US would be leaving equipment behind. Currently there are pictures of Taliban using US equipment. The Afghanistan army surrendered and converted to the Taliban, and the government fled the country with cash. The CIA has claimed they knew of the chaos that would ensue pulling out, though the military claimed not to know the Taliban takeover would happen within days. The Taliban has been making deal with tribes around the area to ensure a swift takeover, moving faster than the US could respond. I don’t see how a Taliban takeover could have been avoided. BUT: my main criticism is Biden not planning the exit strategy better. He should have gotten all our allies and people like interpreters out of the country before the Taliban took over. Maybe that’s unfair, maybe the Taliban would have interfered, but that Biden sent in an additional 7000 troops signals to me he didn’t prepare for the worst case scenario. He is currently saying the end of august deadline is flexible and the troops will not leave until all Americans have been removed. That’s not good enough, our allies need help too. I hope he can fix this, but it certainly damages his credibility as a competent president with a plan.


Honestly, there hasn’t been a huge amount to tear apart. There’s simply less happening with Trump out of office. I’m pretty annoyed with the constant media focus on polls, how Biden has been declining for months. It’s wild how the media has been just as negative against Biden as they were for Trump. With Trump, “negative” press coverage was actually watered, as he was doing all sorts of crazy shit, defying norms, tweeting people’s firings, tweeting as he was leaving meetings, insulting people. Yet somehow in the mind of the media, the Delta Wave, Afghanistan pullout, and new Omicron Wave have been blacker marks on the presidency than anything Trump did. Their continual focus on factors outside of Biden’s control as indicators of his “failures” is infuriating and frankly I’ve paid less attention to the media because of these nonsense stories that are blown way out of proportion. We had a fucking insurrection a year ago! Biden have a great speech about it, I wish he would use that tone every day of his presidency. As the Right continues to spread lies about the 2020 election, the media would rather focus on negative polls from liberals who are angry Biden hasn’t done their pet project by executive order or forced Democrats to do his bidding, as though the democrats are a monolith like the GOP.

As soon as Biden tweets something inflammatory to a world leader, or fires a government employee because they criticized him, or contradicts/undermines his own ambassadors with tweets, I’ll have something to say. I wish the Supreme Court had upheld Biden’s vaccine mandate, as older Courts had no issue upholding previous vaccine mandates. But SCOTUS has been politicized by Mitch McConnel (I will fight to the death on this point) and there’s no way around that. The US political system is going to shit, the Senate is broken, and Congress refuses to secure the election system. Mainly due to the senate. It’s ridiculous that not a single Republican is willing to touch voting rights, or really do anything that would benefit Americans. They’re just leaving governing the country entirely to the democrats. They wouldn’t even pass a budget, they made the democrats lift the debt ceiling. Fucking obstructionists.

Yeah so this atmosphere is why I haven’t updated this blog in a while. Nothing is really happening, there’s the immigration issue (not a border issue) with folks using the asylum system to cheat the legal immigration system. I’m totally down to reform that but OH WAIT the GOP isn’t interested in governing, it’s like they want to let a problem get bigger and bigger so they can point at it as a sign of Democratic failure. It took a long time for me to see this pattern in GOP behavior, but it’s been around for decades. I wish Biden would take a harder line, use more government power, to get around GOP obstructionism. They’ve already set that precident, it sucks that the democrats are so enamored with political norms that don’t exist anymore. Cowards.

Say something, I guess.

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