The Opposition-Research Narrative

2019 UPDATE: Russia was behind the Seth Rich conspiracy, according to an investigation by Yahoo News



The right-wing media has made a habit of defending President Trump’s behavior by finding similar activities amongst the Clintons, then constructing a narrative to fit the facts to create mutual outrage from the right. The following analyzes the factsGOP claim, and the HOLES in their narrative.

I will update as the narrative evolves.

The current narrative is:

Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, sold uranium to the Russians.  Bill Clinton made a speech to a Russian bank connected with this sale, so any Trump ties to Russia are just business as usual, regardless of how deep the ties run.

Seth Rich was a Wikileaks spy who leaked emails from the DNC to Wikileaks.  Former US intelligence employees hacked the DNC and left Russian fingerprints using techniques later revealed by Wikileaks.  All other proof of Russian collaboration to elect Trump are made up by the Deep State, including all foreign intelligence agency reports that predate the US investigation into Trump/Russia.

Hillary Clinton or John Podesta had Seth Rich assassinated and had the government declare his death a “botched robbery”, but failed to hire a competent enough assassin to steal something off his body to fit the “robbery” narrative.


Seth Rich Murder Mystery

DNC staff member Seth Rich is found dead. Death declared “robbery gone wrong” by police, phone/wallet/watch were left on body.

GOP: Hillary Clinton had Rich murdered for leaking her emails to Wikileaks.

  • Rich’s family hires Rod Wheeler to investigate their son’s murder.  Wheeler is not given permission to speak to press about investigation.
  • Fox reports on Tuesday, May 16th, per anonymous source, FBI had found Rich had contact with Wikileaks.
  • Fox5 DC interviews Wheeler, who claims FBI had evidence of collusion with Wikileaks. Fox5 DC reports Wheeler as source for FBI evidence.
  • In May 16th interview by CNN with Wheeler, he claimed Fox5 DC was his source for FBI-based evidence, not FBI. He thought he was recording a preview for Tuesday evening news.
  • Fox5 DC has not responded to requests to reveal original source.
  • Rich’s family requests FoxNews cease covering their son’s death in a conspiratorial light.
  • John Podesta email, leaked by Wikileaks, says he will “make an example” of leaker.


  • HOLE: Assassin apparently not clever enough to cover tracks and take phone/wallet/watch to create appearance of robbery.
  • No evidence to support Rich was working for/with Wikileaks


DNC Email Leak Source

Wikileaks claims Russia is not their source for Clinton emails.
GOP: Seth Rich leaked emails to Wikileaks.

  • HOLE: This does not discount the obvious possibility of Russia utilizing a middle-man to keep their hands clean. A middle-man would be a better way to leak data than giving it directly to Wikileaks.


Wikileaks will neither confirm nor deny Rich was their source for leaked emails, only stating “we do not discuss our sources”.
GOP: The leaker must be Seth Rich.

  • HOLE: Reason given to Sean Hannity by Wikileaks for neither confirming/denying Rich as source is to prevent harm from coming to sources; further harm could not come to Rich.


Russia Hacks the DNC, RNC

17 US Intelligence Agencies, lead by FBI CIA NSA, conclude the evidence supports Russia hacked DNC and released emails through Wikileaks. Foreign intelligence agencies (Britain, Germany, Estonia, Poland, Australia, France, Holland) corroborate Trump Campaign had suspicious meetings with Russians.
GOP: Intelligence agencies cannot be trusted because they lied about WMD’s in Iraq.

  • HOLE: Intelligence community was deeply divided over actual existence of weapons, but were pushed by Bush administration for reason to invade Iraq. Intelligence Community is not divided in this case.  Also investigation into Trump was pushed by foreign intelligence agencies, who feel US started investigation far too late as initial concerns about Russia/Trump were made to US in 2015.


Wikileaks released classified techniques from US Intelligence Agencies, including that they can falsify origin locations when hacking computers.
GOP: US Intelligence Agencies, falsifying a Russian source, hacked DNC, then released Clinton emails. “Deep State” is trying to prevent Trump from being elected.

  • HOLE: Intelligence Agencies used more than one method to corroborate Russia was source of hacking, including intercepted communications and spies.
  • HOLE: What benefit could “Deep State” gain by releasing potentially compromising information on Clinton?



Wikileaks releases hacked emails from DNC.
GOP: Per hacked emails, DNC rigged election in favor of Clinton over Sanders.

  • HOLE: GOP claim is not true. No actions were taken by DNC to help one over the other, but there was an obvious bias expressed among DNC staff. The only “advantage” Clinton received was a preview for one question for one debate with Sanders.


Russia Ties are Normal

“Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, sold 20% of American uranium to Russia” (inaccurate and gross oversimplification of US selling mining rights to uranium rich deposits to a Russian company). Bill Clinton was paid to give a speech to a bank connected to profiting from sale of uranium.
GOP: Hillary Clinton has more ties to Russia than Trump, therefore Russia did not intervene to help elect Trump.

  • HOLE: There is no connection between these two claims. There is no evidence Russia interfered to elect Hillary, in fact the opposite has found to be most likely true. In addition, 12 separate government departments were required to sign off on the sale to the Russian company, of which the State Department was ONE.  Regardless whether the Clintons profited from selling uranium, this does not invalidate the Intelligence community’s findings concerning Russian hacking.
  • HOLE: Trump has exponentially more ties to Russia. One Trump son claimed a large portion of their assets were in Russia. Trump has been trying to get real estate in Russia for decades and has ties to Russian oligarchs. Close associates to Trump (Manafort, Page) have had dealings with Russia. Trump asked Russia to hack Clinton emails and release them.


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