“Impressive, most impressive.” – Darth Vader

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Impressionism is a dramatically different type of art, evident upon first viewing any painting of that style.  When viewed very closely, the paintings resemble a variety of colors aimlessly strewed about, sort of like a large school of multi-color fish swimming.  When you step back and the people around you in the museum stop looking at you weirdly, the painting comes to life.


kenai-redsPhoto source:

Fields of Tulip with the Rijnsburg Windmill

Claude Monet, 1886, place of creation unknown (assuming it would be Rijnsburg)


Photo source:

I really enjoy the Impressionism style paintings, instead of delineating objects with harsh unforgiving black lines, boundaries are merged and manipulated.  Each piece of a portrait can be a portrait in itself and the subject matter isn’t as important as the style in which it is presented.  From the draft editor window I’m using, the painting above, Fields of Tulip with the Rijnsburg Windmill, is only viewable from the bottom down.  It looks like an entirely different painting!  At least to me.

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 3.27.06 PM Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 3.23.25 PMI found Impressionism paintings to be some of the most captivating, visually.  They do not contain the complexity or meticulous details found in the Renaissance paintings but do have similar bright, engaging, almost psychedelic colors used throughout the picture that are used to bring it to life.  Northern Renaissance paintings are very detailed and often portray an extremely chaotic and lively scene that draws the eye of the viewer to rake over the painting, searching for every last bit of detail the artist carefully hid.  Remember the Ghent Altarpiece and all the ridiculous detail that went into it?

Ghent Altarpiece


Ghent Altarpiece, Impressionism Style

At least that’s what I imagine it would look like.


Sorry, that’s a distraction on my side.

Impressionism paintings do not have much subplot and lull the viewer into a state of relaxation, allowing the eye to list lazily across, soaking up the colors at one’s own pace.  This tranquility is not necessarily tied to the subject matter of the painting, but rather to the flowing style that makes the picture come alive without all the absurdity that comes with life.  Impressionism artists did not seem to set out to impress people but rather to show them their own style with indifference to its reception, an admirable quality.  The colors used do not always reflect the color of actual objects, but what the artist wants it to look like (I have yet to see a purple and green windmill).  I found the style similar to my friend Samuel Johnson’s style of painting.  He often goes into mountains and paints what he sees in his mind, whatever that is.

DogtoothScreen Shot 2013-10-25 at 4.20.02 PMPhoto source:!__mountain

If you wanna check out more of his art, head over to

His mountain adventure that this painting was a part of:

I’ve gotta go run my dog!



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